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Adviser & Partner Specialties

  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Due Diligence Processes
  • Leadership around Strategic Growth Initiatives
  • Legal Contract Assistance
  • Management Team Development
  • Merger & Acquisition Advice
  • Private Equity Experience
  • Structured Financial Instruments


We believe every successful investment involves collaboration. That’s why we partner with management teams to develop and execute a growth strategy. Strategies we utilize include: follow-on acquisitions, product line and geographic expansions, vertical integration, and operational improvements. Our focus is building value for our investors, portfolio companies and the communities they serve.

Our experienced team brings significant operating and industry knowledge to every investment. We have demonstrated expertise building management teams and overcoming complex operating, financial and legal issues in transactions. Because of our flexible approach, we have the ability to achieve a successful outcome for each unique investment.

Collectively the partners of Blue Ocean have managed and assisted on the capital market transactions in excess of $4 Billion.  In 2012 we managed and led 14 mergers and acquisitions for portfolio companies, assisted in the reconstruction of two management teams,  and contributed to bottom line success in all of our partners.

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