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Process with Discipline

​We Always Align Interest via Mutually Agreed Equity Positions

Partnership Equity yields Long-term Viability, Better Outcomes and Success Driven From the Same Side of the Table

Blue Ocean charts a bold path to winning the future—

We help companies that already have a key operator and proven financial history but with Blue Ocean’s partnership performance can be elevated to new heights.

Blue Ocean Cohesively Delivers

Branding and Packaging Guidance

Levering the extensive marketing and product development background of Blue Ocean advisors we provide constructive feedback to one of the core needs of every organization – it’s outward impression.  Everything starts with packaging and how the company communicates it value propositions.  A failure to implore sound packaging stalls the potential for the growth we are all working so hard to achieve.  It’s critical to creating new demand and finding new customers, attracting capital, or recruiting strong professionals to join your team.

Capital Structure Advisory

Blue Ocean assists on the reconstructing the capital structure of portfolio companies to manage the efficiencies related to growth.  We strive for efficiency aligned with the growth intentions of our partners to help solve for the optimum capital structure.  Our network leverages several professional counterparties to assist in driving potential debt, mezzanine, equity and other structured forms of capital participation.

Governance and Management Team Advisory

Governance starts with making sure disciplined, repeatable, processes are established in the operational framework of the company.  The engineers behind these processes is your management team.  Successful implementation of sound governance establishes principles of decision making and the culture from which you cultivate organizational leadership.  Bandwidth is often stretched within organizations and having the ability to attract and retain multi-disciplined talent is critical at all levels of the company and helps minimize the impact of key person risk.  We assist on all facets in this area, drawing from our leadership and management experiences.  The philosophy of shared success starts at the onset of our relationship when Blue Ocean becomes an equity partner and is most successful when its permeated throughout the entire organization.

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